Tabletop Showcase - 2019

Born to Serve

by Shoot Again Games
game logo for Born to Serve

In Born to Serve players are out of work superheroes competing for the last job in town at the local restaurant waiting tables. Use your powers and get the staff's help to win the best tips and the job.


by Lloyd May
game logo for Zaam

A sound-art installation game where players create and navigate an evolving miniature landscape using only sound.

Relics of Vandarth

by Wolf Spirit Games
game logo for Relics of Vandarth

Relics of Vandarth is a fast-paced dice rolling adventure. Heroes journey through the world of Vandarth to earn fame to add to their legendary story, but beware. There are many evils that lurk within the shadows.

Black Forest

by Jack Reda
game logo for Black Forest

Black Forest is a "1 vs others" board game for 3 to 5 players. Players win or lose together as members of the village. However, one player is secretly a werewolf, trying to defeat the other players. In order to win, the villagers must ascertain which player is the werewolf, and eliminate all of his or her villager tokens in the Court House.

Pop Quiz!

by Ian Schreiber
game logo for Pop Quiz!

One sadistic professor who wants to fail everyone. A class of students who aren't above blatant cheating in order to pass anyway. This is Pop Quiz!, a party game for 6 to 10 players.


by 2 Ton Porcupine, llc
game logo for Perch

Robbing your neighbor’s roost is a cardinal sin, and nothing to crow about! Perch is a unique area control game set in the avian realm featuring our feather friends and fickle woodland allies. A twist in gameplay has you playing your opponent's birds as well as your own! Can you control the best places to rest your weary wings and Perch?


by Squirrel Rampant
game logo for Calligraphy

In Calligraphy, players take on the role of medieval scribes vying to become Royal Calligrapher. They must plan their design, acquire supplies, and adhere to artistic standards. Each game results in a unique and beautiful scroll.


by Narrative Dynamics
game logo for Goblinville

Goblinville is a tabletop RPG about broke goblins traveling to dangerous and fantastical places to find treasure and make rent. The character creation process is fast and collaborative, producing unique goblins with lots of personalities. The core resolution system shares narrative pacing between players and the GM, keeping the focus on clear stakes and tough choices.

Battle For Vitoria

by Punk This Studios
game logo for Battle For Vitoria

Battle For Vitoria is a hardcore fantasy war game where your decisions can influence the Loyalty of your units. Without loyalty, your units are likely to retreat from the battle map. There is no randomness; players must out-think their opponents to achieve one of many possible win conditions.

Flights of Fancy

by Double Watt Games
game logo for Flights of Fancy

Flights of Fancy is a dice drafting game about everyone's favorite adult beverage craft beer. Play as one of eight beer enthusiasts trying to create the fanciest flight to impress the other beer enthusiasts.


by James Firnhaber
game logo for Immateria

Immateria is a two-player abstract strategy game with a constantly shifting battlefield. Players are dueling gods, wielding the powers of Chaos, Time, Law, and Change to protect their life and banish their opponent.

Plight of the Valkyries

by Thompson Brothers Games
game logo for Plight of the Valkyries

A competitive fantasy restaurant simulator, involving both strategy and physical dexterity. Lead a team of Valkyries to collect Vikings and serve them a feast in Valhalla. Unique stacking tokens represent the perils of piles of plates.

Chiseled: A Deck-Sculpting Card Game

by Copper Frog Games LLC
game logo for Chiseled: A Deck-Sculpting Card Game

You are sculptors in a shared studio, using one set of tools to sculpt your block of marble--your deck of cards--and reveal the art within! Please Critics to score bonuses, and remove and accentuate scrap or other elements to increase your rating!


by Jay Bucciarelli
game logo for Burned!

Each player is a chef who is competing against one another to prepare and cook the best meal. But stay aware of who is preparing what or they may steal a dish card from you! Also, be mindful of your sand timers because if you forget your dishes might get burned!


by Resonym
game logo for Mechanica

Dear human, you have been hired to manage one of our new TIDYBOT (vacuum cleaner robot) manufacturing facilities! Build the best factory out of puzzle pieces, make the most adorable TIDYBOTS, and win! Don't stop until there's a TIDYBOT surveilling—I mean serving—every human household.


by Greg Krupp
game logo for Crowkeeper

Crowkeeper is an aggressive hand management game for 3 to 6 players. Each player assumes the role of a rival crowkeeper, competing to collect the largest murder of crows. They do so by playing cards to attack their opponents, defend themselves, gain wealth, and gain crows.

game logo for Starport - A Tabletop Roleplaying Game For Kids

Take kids on an unforgettable adventure through the mysterious land of Starport in this one-of-a-kind role-playing game. Blaze likes to freeze things with his wand, Orion likes to sneak around so nobody can find him, and Angel is such a smooth-talker that no Creature in Starport can resist becoming friends with her. What kind of Character will you be? Starport is an amazing open world where anything might happen, where unicorns walk alongside robots, where a starship might be visiting from an unknown world. Where magic is real and adventure is just around the corner. Starport is a tabletop roleplaying game of adventure and imagination designed to facilitate growth in problem-solving, creativity, teamwork, critical thinking, reading, writing, oral communication, mathematics, and self-esteem. With no references to any shooting, hitting, slashing, or fighting enemies, Starport allows you to launch unforgettable, epic adventures without needing to wield a sword. Starport works extremely well with players as young as five, stays exciting for players as old as twelve, and is a blast for adults. The reason for this is because of the simple game mechanic and open world of Starport. A five-year-old might love role-playing encounters with creatures, rolling the dice, and counting tokens. A twelve-year-old might devise a plan for collecting more slime to sell in town so she can level up faster and buy more equipment. There is something for everyone in the amazing world of Starport.

Ruthless Old Prospectors

by Move Rate 20 Games
game logo for Ruthless Old Prospectors

Ruthless Old Prospectors is a map building/take that game for all ages. You become a miner 49er who has struck it rich, but during the night, you try to sneak out of the mine on your own and register the deed for yourself! In cartoon style, you sabotage steer your opponents away from their chosen exit, all the while building your own tunnel to freedom. Be ruthless! It's the only way to come out on top!

Scale the Wall

by Searchlight Games
game logo for Scale the Wall

Scale the Wall is a family-friendly, cooperative stacking game. Players take on the role of animals at the zoo who are trying to help their pal Snake to escape by stacking objects for her to climb. Scale the Wall has different levels of difficulty making it easy enough for young children or challenging for seasoned gamers.

Defense Force ULTRA

by Eye4Games
game logo for Defense Force ULTRA

A cooperative drafting game where you are sentai rangers fighting against an evil villain. Try to gather sets alongside your friends to punch, kick, and team-pose your way to victory.

Bluff the Bullet

by Eye4Games
game logo for Bluff the Bullet

In the weird west, poker has changed. Use your abilities to manipulate everyone's hands and bluff your way to victory. Be careful because someone may call you on your cheating and then you have to decide to drop it, or call their bluff.

Rushmore (Let's Get Rocked!)

by Chief of Design
game logo for Rushmore (Let's Get Rocked!)

The year is 1925 and you are a master stone sculptor. You and some of your rivals have been invited to demonstrate your skills in a competition that will determine who wins the commission to create the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Win this competition and the job and the honor are yours!


by Xplody Games
game logo for Alynthia

The once-mighty cities of your homeland lie in ruins, and monsters roam the land – leaving you to build a new nation from the ashes. Alynthia combines heart-pounding suspense and intricate strategy to create a unique twist on classic mechanics. With a semi-modular board, asymmetrical faction abilities, and a dynamic ability skill tree, you can explore Alynthia differently each time you play. (2-4 players, 30 minutes/player)

Auction Comics

by Venntik Games
game logo for Auction Comics

Auction Comics is a fast-auction game where players buy and sell sets of comic books to try and earn the most money. You'll collect sets of comic book characters to sell to the current buyers, but don't wait too long or someone else might sell first. The economy is tight and any decision by an opponent could disrupt your plans.

Widget Ridge

by Furious Tree Games LLC
game logo for Widget Ridge

Widget Ridge is a fast-paced steampunk deckbuilding game designed by Furious Tree Games. Players use Widgets and Gadgets to buy crazy inventions from the Marketplace of Ideas that connect together, creating larger, crazier inventions. The first player to generate 100 Spark wins!

Master of Pieces

by Cheer Up Games
game logo for Master of Pieces

Master of Pieces is a painting party game where you don't have to know how to paint! Mix and match famous artworks to create new ones to fit into ridiculous exhibits, and see if you win some awards along the way! It's the world's classiest party game!


by Seize the Play
game logo for Build-a-Dare

Build-a-Dare is a creative, physical-action-based social party game. Each round involves teammates working together to craft an ever-evolving challenge for the opposing team's Champion. Each Champion gets to choose for themselves just how wild they want things to get, and are rewarded for not pushing their luck too far.

Minute Diktator

by Minutus Games
game logo for Minute Diktator

Minute Diktator is a fast-paced 2 player game of plotting and psychological warfare. You each play Policy cards to convince the members of the shadowy Council of Five to support you. Both players will have access to the same hand of cards (eventually), but the winner will be the player who has played those cards more strategically.

Simply Adorable Slugfest

by Geek Fever Games
game logo for Simply Adorable Slugfest

On each turn, each creature trainer will simultaneously and secretly choose what available skill their respective creature will use. After they’re selected, the trainers will reveal and resolve the skills. Based on how strong the skill they use is, the opposing creature will unlock or power up their skills for future use.

Curse of the Pyramid

by John Herman
game logo for Curse of the Pyramid

An ancient trap seals you and a team of archaeologists inside an unexplored pyramid. Discover chambers, arrange hieroglyphs, collect amulets, and avoid curses to break the seal and escape in this high strategy, cooperative adventure game for all ages.

Fight Sequence

by Triple Rainbow Games
game logo for Fight Sequence

Fight Sequence is a 1v1 asymmetrical strategy card game. Players act as psychic spellcasting martial artists with the ability to read each other's moves before they happen, building an entire fight between them in reverse!


by Garrett Sendlewski
game logo for Gemstones

Gemstones is a game where coloring books meet roll and writes. One sheet of paper, two six-sided dice, up to 5 friends and 6 different color drawing utensils. Relax as you roll, strategize and slowly fill your sheet with color, bringing all facets of gemstones to life.

Kill It With Fire

by Mayham Game
game logo for Kill It With Fire

Plot against your evil nemeses in a race to corrupt a whole city without your minions going rogue forcing you to kill them with fire in this 2-4 player worker placement game.

Breach: The Worldwound

by Jason Riddell
game logo for Breach: The Worldwound

Breach is a cooperative party-building game for 2-4 players. Evoking the spirit of a Final Fantasy or Suikoden, travel the world to build a party of heroes who can stand against the horrors emerging from magical breaches. With the help of your friends, discover secrets, destroy monsters, and seal the Worldwound.

The Cheaters

by The CheaterMakers
game logo for The Cheaters

The Cheaters is a story-telling card game in which players role-play as cheaters who got caught on the spot and need to talk their way out of the awkward situation using only the cards provided to them (some of those might make the situation worse).

Camp Pinetop

by Talon Strikes Studios
game logo for Camp Pinetop

You are the leader of a group of campers who are exploring the wilderness. To win, level them up from the lowest rank (Possum) to the highest rank (Badger). Along the way, you will need to collect achievement patches, which will give your campers special abilities and allow them to level up to Badger.


by Skyhammer Studios
game logo for Cardtropolis

A Superhero-themed card game for kids! In Cardtropolis, Super Villains are on the loose in the City of Wonder, players compete with each other to capture them. Players use Superhero cards, Special cards, and Number card combos to be the player with the most captured Super Villains at the end of the game.

Party Guns

by Joseph Andrews
game logo for Party Guns

A fast-paced, wacky, party game that can be played in a few minutes. Bluffing, strategy and intense action mix to create a unique experience with enormous replay value.

Empyrean: Battles of Ra’fien

by Lava Panda Studios
game logo for Empyrean: Battles of Ra’fien

Competitive Wargame and deck-building card game.

HUCK: Ultimate Dice Game

by Markee Games
game logo for HUCK: Ultimate Dice Game

This 2-player dice battle delivers the high-energy disc sport of ultimate (Frisbee) to your tabletop. Handlers. Mids. Zone. Flow. Bid. Poach. Stall. Lockdown. It’s all here! A full game of ultimate in a handful of dice. (No real-world ultimate experience required.)

Clear the Decks!

by Crispy Games Company LLC
game logo for Clear the Decks!

Clear the Decks! is a Cooperative Age of Sail Naval Warfare Card Game for 1-4 Players. Command 3 cannons and use a variety of ammunition, tactics, marines and officers to attack the enemy ship.

Carrion Call

by Ringstrue Games
game logo for Carrion Call

Carrion Call is a head-to-head card-driven battle game. Card play tells the tale of the battle, while the flock of vultures and crows circling above acts as the point system. Have the least amount of points over your army at the end of the game, and you are the winner.


by Marcus Phoenix Games
game logo for Octochef

The frantic co-op real-time octopus sandwich-making game! Each player embodies one part (well two tentacles) of the great who has risen from the sea to open up his seaside sandwich shop!

Scheduling Simulator

by Gather Round Games
game logo for Scheduling Simulator

Scheduling simulator is a real-time game about making plans with your friends!

Bearly Asleep

by Pair of Jacks Games
game logo for Bearly Asleep

Work together in this fun family cooperative game playing as bear cubs tricking the adults to hibernate so you can stay up all winter long. Match the right set of games with each bear so they'll fall asleep, but watch out for your annoying cousin, Jumping Junior--she's jumping in the bed waking them back up. After all, they’re just “Bearly Asleep™”!


by Resonym
game logo for Surreal

In Surreal, you, the host of a dinner party, are responsible for keeping a handful of surrealists happy and sending them home satisfied. That’s easier said than done, though, because these Surrealists are colorful characters, and each one has a different checklist of things they want out of the evening.

Seasons (季节)

by David Su and Dominique Star
game logo for Seasons (季节)

Seasons (季节) is a small interactive song inspired by road trips, beaches, and the passage of time. Originally created for inkJam 2018.

Obelisk Overthrow

by Project: COH
game logo for Obelisk Overthrow

Obelisk Overthrow: a stacking-based strategy game, with mechanics based on the recursive logic puzzle, Towers of Hanoi by mathematician Eduourd Lucas. The goal is simple- move all the discs from the first peg to the third, but you can only move one disc at a time, and never place a larger disc on a smaller one. We’ve given you the puzzle- everything else is up to you.