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BostonFIG Fest is a celebration of independent game development worldwide.

  • BostonFIG Fest showcases digital and tabletop games, selected from nearly 300 independent game developers, carefully curated by a broad cross-section of game professionals and academics.
  • Festival attendees have the chance to play digital games, tabletop games, and immersive experience games in a casual environment, for a very affordable ticket price.
  • Other fest features include the Artist Alley, Tabletop Free- Play Area, Live Action Games, Boffer Arena, the Figgies (Awards Show) Ceremony, and more!
  • Past BostonFIG Fest sponsors and partners have included Microsoft, Facebook, Unity, Unreal Engine, HTC Vive, AdMagic, and more.

BostonFIG Fest typically gets over 200 submissions in digital games, 70 in tabletop games, and growing every year. Our curation teams play each game, scoring and giving feedback to the designers. We then identify the top titles from promising game designers and feature them in our Digital and Tabletop Showcases. We keep the cost of submission low in order to allow better access for up-and-coming and new game creators.

In 2018, nearly 5000 attendees walked the halls of MIT playing nearly 200 digital and board/card games. In 2019 we expect even greater attendee numbers at our new, bigger location at the Harvard Athletic Complex.

Digital Categories: Best in Show, Compelling Game Mechanics, Innovation in Art and Narrative, Multiplayer and Connected Gameplay, Experimental Game Design, Student Games, and Audience Choice Award (Subject to change)

Tabletop Categories: Best in Show, Most Dynamic, Most Innovative, Best Game for Social Change, Best Family Game, Best Game in Progress, and Audience Choice Award (subject to change)


BostonFIG Fest has been designed to attract games enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds, including youths and families, seniors and students. We are dedicated to being family-friendly, and as such, kids ages 12 and under at BostonFIG attend for free. In our 8 years of operation, we have kept this as a core tenet.

With a distinct focus on community, the festival organizers have worked diligently to create an inclusive, accessible environment for a broad local, and regional audience. BostonFIG Fest represents an ideal venue for independent game developers to exhibit their original games to their target demographic.

BostonFIG Fest delivers an eclectic mix of innovative games for avid game fans to play over the course of the festival, all in a fun, high octane environment. This unique games event bridges the gap between undiscovered game design talent and the casual consumer.


BostonFIG Fest is supported by national, regional and local marketing, and is widely promoted through an extensive range of games, pop culture, and mainstream media. Media and promotional partners assist in marketing BostonFIG Fest to an international online community.

Additional media exposure occurs on-site at the festival, with members of the national and regional games press invited to attend as special guests and to cover fest activities and highlights.

More than 400 press contacts have attended the festival since it’s inception, with more than 450 press stories resulting from fest publicity efforts, including Polygon, the Boston Globe, and the Imaginary Worlds Podcast.

More than 80 press attended the 2018 Fest, while media efforts underway since 2012 have steadily built the fest profile in national games press. More than 150+ press are expected in 2018.

BostonFIG’s following is growing steadily, with over 6000 followers on our social media channels and nearly 6000 members on our mailing list.