2017 Figgie Award Winners
Best in Show: Refactor
Audience Choice for Digital Games: King of the Hat
Innovation in Art & Narrative in Digital Games: Shrug Island!
Best Digital Multiplayer and Connected Game: Super Slime Arena!
Best Student Digital Game: Magic Moving Mansion Mania!
Compelling Game Mechanics in a Digital Game: Refactor!

2016 Figgie Award Winners
Best in Show: Perception
Audience Choice: Ape Out
Art and Experimental Games: Anamorphine
Compelling Game Loops: Ape Out
New Developers’ and Students’ Games: RYB
Multiplayer and Connected Gameplay: Blade Ballet
Accessibility and Inclusion: HEARtREAD
Worldbuilding and Narrative: Perception
Epic Scope and Gameplay: Floor Kids

2015 Figgie Award Winners
Superior Smarts Award for Best Learning Game: Smorball
Best Audio Design: Thumper
C-C-Combo Breaker Award for Best Multiplayer Game Design: Ninja Tag
Awesome Aesthetic Award for Best Visual Art: Liege
Epic Epic Award for Best Narrative/World Building: Howie and Yarla
The Laser Kitten Award for Best Technical Quality: Xeero
The Best in Show Award for Best Gameplay Innovation: Ultimate Chicken Horse
2014 Figgie Award Winners
Epic Epic: Narrative/World Building, Winner – Albino Lullaby
Stunning Sound: Audio Design, Winner – Lyrical: Learn Languages with Music
Awesome Aesthetic: Visual Art, Winner – Gemini
C-C-Combo Breaker: Multiplayer Game Design, Winner – Black Hat Oculus
Lazer Kitten: Technical Quality, Winner – Black Hat Oculus
Superior Smarts: Best Learning Game, Winner – Lyrical: Learn Languages with Music
Fabulous Flow: Single Player Game Design, Winner – Alien Makeout Simulator
2013 Figgie Award Winners
C-C-Combo Breaker (Game Design, sponsored by William Rooney and Christopher Green)
Lazer Kitten Award of Excellence (Technical Quality, sponsored by Becky Taylor)
Awesome Aesthetic (Visual Art)
Stunning Sound (Audio Design)
Epic Epic (Narrative/World Building).
Pupil Perfection (Shield Student Achievement Award, sponsored by Darren Shield, Esq.)
Superior Smarts (Best Learning Game, sponsored by Muzzy Lane)