About BostonFIG Fest

several people working the BostonFIG Fest merchandies booth in 2018.

BostonFIG Fest is an annual event, this past year it was held on September 14th, 2019. To stay up to date on all the goings-on, follow us on social media: @BostonFIG on Twitter and BostonFIG on Facebook.

For specific information on an upcoming event, please check out the festival guide. This page is for general information only.

BostonFIG Fest is a celebration of independent game development worldwide.

BostonFIG Fest showcases digital and tabletop games, selected from nearly 300 independent game developers, carefully curated by a broad cross-section of game professionals and academics.

Festival attendees have the chance to play digital games, tabletop games, and immersive experience games in a casual environment, for a very affordable ticket price based at the MIT campus.

The games at BostonFIG Fest are as follows: Tabletop games in the Competitive Showcase, Digital games in the Competitive Showcase, Tabletop Exhibitor Games, Digital Exhibitor Games, and even Sponsor Games in both Tabletop and Digital.

Other fest features include the Artist’s Alley, Tabletop Freeplay Area, Boffer Arena, the Figgies (Awards Show) Ceremony, and more!

We are always open to programming suggestions and open to collaboration. If you want to run a Quidditch tournament, throw a dance party, make a pop-up escape room, or something else, reach out to us and tell us your ideas!

Competitive Showcases

These games have been selected from hundreds of applicants and are eligible for Figgie Awards. One such award is the Audience Choice Award, and every single BostonFIG Fest attendee gets to vote! You will receive voting tickets when you check in at registration, so play as many as you can and vote for your favorite! To learn about the games that are going to be showing in the Competitive Showcases, visit our showcases pages.


Many of BostonFIG’s previous showcase participants return to exhibit their games for sale! For the current list of exhibitors, please visit our Exhibitors page.


Sponsors make our Fest possible! Learn more about these wonderful supporting companies on our Sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring BostonFIG Fest or any of our other programs, please email [email protected].

Artist’s Alley

Our Artist’s Alley is filled to the brim with incredibly talented artists showing their work and selling goods! Artistic creations range from visual arts to jewelry to plushies and more. Check out the Artists Alley page for more information.

Tabletop Freeplay

Our Freeplay area has room for dozens. Our partners, Boardgame Empire and Foam Brain Games bring tons of board games for our onsite library that attendees can check out to play with friends and family. Boardgame Empire even runs demos for their many games.

Boffer Arena

Grab a foam sword and learn to safely fight in our boffer arena, run by Red Feather Roleplaying! This is a hit among kids and adults alike.

Figgie Awards Ceremony

After the exhibit halls close, we transform out space into an awards show. This is a celebration, and a chance to offer recognition for the hard work game developers put into their games. A variety of awards are presented, including the Audience Choice award (choosen day of by YOU!). Any game accepted into the tabletop and digital showcases might win! Anyone who attends the festival is welcome to attend the Figgie awards.